Welcome to Luxembourg!


Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!

Ideally located in the heart of Europe between Germany, France and Belgium, this small country of nearly 600 000 inhabitants is very attractive for various reasons and for its multicultural environment.


Beyond its position as one of the safest countries in the world where it is very pleasant to live at a very high level of security, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has positioned itself as a major player in terms of Economy and Finance.


As the largest investment center in Europe - and second in the world after London - Luxembourg is home to : 147 Banks from 27 different countries, European Institutions, such as The European Parliament, The Court of Justice, The Court of Accounts and The European Investment Bank (EIB); moreover, numerous major companies from all over the world have elected their headquarters here.


A very stable internal economy with an AAA rating status and a low unemployment rate contribute to the country's great stability, offering the ideal place to set up your business.